"Meeting Needs, Customer Focused"

For Cv Sizing of Regulators and Control Valves; API Sizing of Blanketing Vadalves and Vents; for Selection and specifications of process instrumentation call us at 434-981-2515 or email us with your process specifications to KDolan@PTLFProcess.com.

PTLF Process serves the Industrial Process Industries in West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, Virginia and parts of Kentucky and Ohio.

PTLF Process is able to be an extension of your staff in the selection of field instruments, panels, controls and valving. PTLF Process will work for you.

  • pH, conductivity, ORP/DO sensors, transmitters, analyzers/retractable holders, digital densors.

  • Low flow gas and liquid flow meters

  • Automated Valves, Angle Style Valves, Ball Valves, Butterfly Valves - Ships 2-3 Days

  • Manufacturer of control valves, pressure reducing regulators & back pressure regulators

  • Level solutions to virtually every industry - chemical, petrochemical, refining and more.

  • Level Control, Level Gauges, Level Transmitters, Site Indicators, Level Switches

  • Flow Meters

  • Knifegate Valves up to 60", Ball Valves up to 36", Butterfly Valves up to 56"


What are you looking for when you specify process instrumentation, valves and controls?

A knowledgable vendor who will help with selection, support during installation and support after start up. Misapplication is the primary reason for problems. It is the question that no one knew to ask that causes the problem. Problems are avoidable if enough attention is given to your order. Furthermore, the right questions have to be asked.

Attention to Detail

PTLF Process gives meticulous attention to details. PTLF Process checks every order for commercial requirements and technical specifications to avoid problems. PTLF Process understands that every order is important and it is PTLF's responsibility to check the details.


PTLF Process has the experience to know what questions to ask. PTLF Process personnel have been part of the evolution from pneumatics to analog to digital controls and have seen technology change from Fisher Torque Tubes to Magnetrol Guided Wave Radar; from Foxboro pneumatic transmitters to the Emerson Rosemount 3051; from Brooks PD Flow Meters to Micro Motion Mass Flow Meters; from orifice plates to Thermal Mass Flow Meters. PTLF Process knows applications for the various process industries and selects the correct instruments for the application.

For your Pressure, Temperature, Level, Flow and Valving requirements call PTLF Process at 434-981-2515 or via email to kdolan@ptlfprocess.com.

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